Looking back on love and death
with Texas post punk band,
Temple of Angels.
Culture Texas
Words bre morell & Hey Vito
Photographs Derek Rathbun, Oscar Aranda, Alexis Gross and Az Party Girlz

Temple of Angels released two storming EPs in 2018. Both Foiled and S/T were glorious explorations in moody and melodic new wave. This June they’ve followed up with two new songs Cerise Dream and Breathless. With new material in hand they hit the road for a full USA tour this July and August. We caught up with lead singer Bre Morell to talk about what went in to the new work.

So how did you guys arrive to your sound?

The guys have all played in punk and hardcore bands but have also liked this kind of music. It just took a while for them to find the right group of people that shared the same interests and wanted to go in the same direction. Then I came along and my vocal style maybe helped shift the direction of where we went to be a bit more melodic. We all definitely have different influences but there is some common references like The Cure and Cocteau Twins.

So Temple of Angels is the first band you’ve been in. Being in a band is like having a second family eh?

Yeah this is my first band but I've been singing and playing guitar and piano my whole life. Being in a band is something I always daydreamed about. There are aspects of being a touring performer and putting out music that’s scary though. At the same time it's something that I knew if I didn't try I would always regret not doing it. It has gone so much better than I ever imagined, or any of us imagined. I'm very lucky to have four great guys to share the experience with. They all live together, so they know each other super well. We haven't killed each other yet. So it's going pretty well.

When you’re on tour do you have a favourite city in the USA?

My favorite is Seattle. We had a day off to hang out there and I really, really loved it. Probably my favorite thing that from the last tour was when we took the Pacific Coast highway from Los Angeles almost all the way up to San Francisco. I had no idea how insane it is. You are driving on this winding road on the edge of a cliff that just drops straight down to the ocean. Its one of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen.

I have to be thankful for the time that I have and hold on to those memories and just move forward.  bre morell • temple of angels
I loved the two EPs you released last year. These new songs sound like they've got a little more space and are not quite as heavy.

I guess they are the popiest songs that we've done. It wasn't really intentional at all. It just ended up that way. I don't think its for shadowing a greater change in our music though. I'm really happy with how these songs turned out. I think all of us are. Maybe we will incorporate more songs like this when we do a full length album.

What lyrical themes are you exploring on these new songs?

For all of our songs, I'm always singing about things or emotions that are going on in my life at the time. I've had a pretty intense last two years. I lost my mom to cancer, the end of a long-term relationship and few other major life changes. I'm just now at the point where the dust is settling a bit and I'm doing well again. I'm feeling like myself and I think Cerise Dream is definitely celebrating that. I still have really difficult days, of course. Breathless is like a pretty nostalgic song. A reflection on those moments where I just want to go back in time and just feel the way things where again, when everything was kind of normal. I have to be thankful for the time that I have and hold on to those memories and just move forward. 

With you being in Los Angeles and the guys being in Austin, how does it work in terms of the writing process?

It's actually not too different from how it has always been because the four of them all live together. The songs typically start with the guys coming up with the guitar parts and instrumentals at home. If its something they like, they send it to me. I help fine tune it from there. Once we are all happy, I record a voice demo will record the final version.

Are there any other bands from Texas that we should look out for?

Absolutely. There are so many great bands from Texas. Chronophage, House of Kenzo, Vivienne Styg, Altar Duata, and Chalk.

Well, now with those new songs out, I'm guessing you are going to go on a tour? 

Absolutely. We just announced tour dates. We’re doing a whole US tour, the east coast in July and the west coast in August! •