Skate culture the world over with Dasha Nedykhalova

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Culture Moscow
Words Dasha Nedykhalova & Hey Vito
Photographs Dasha Nedykhalova

Dasha Nedykhalova otherwise know as Dasha Love is a globe trotting young model and photographer. Originally from Moscow but now residing in Auckland, New Zealand. A 35mm film nerd and skate culture enthusiast. She’s spent time exploring youth culture in Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, Moscow and New Zealand. She explains how the skate scene offers her a sense of community and wholesomeness, wherever she is.

You were born in Moscow. What did you enjoy doing growing up?

I'd say mostly going to the art galleries with my dad and getting out of the city in summer to the countryside.

You moved to Britain when you were only 14 years old, then later went to art school in London. When did your passion for photography take hold?

I started doing photography as one of the subjects in last two years of high school. It was all very fascinating, processing black and white film and printing my own pictures. Later on I moved to colour photography but it was not my main practice until second year at university, I was originally training to be an illustrator. At university we had to put together an art show, I made this empty room into an installation that would look somewhat like a post soviet bedroom in an apartment with my prints on the walls.

Your images have featured in the pages of numerous high profile publications. Vice, Nylon, Dazed and Confused and Elle Girl. How did you come to your signature film-only youth culture style?

I am not too sure, I was always just into film, because a digital picture would always need to be retouched, therefore the image is not accurately depicting the moment. I guess that's the way I look at. Also I love the physicality of the process with 35mm and polaroid. All the information is kept on this negative, it's just so cool.

Skate culture is a common theme through your projects. Have you found skate values are universal?

I think its same everywhere. I love it because it’s such a positive place, it gives me a sense of community and wholesomeness.

You've published your own zine, Cheap Tricks. Tell us about that project?

My friend and I got sick of shooting for different magazines and clients. We always had to adopt to certain rules. The models have to look a certain way or wear certain clothing because those are the sponsors that are paying the magazine. So we decided to produce something different and free. We wanted it to be as non commercial as possible, but we still need money to print it, so we got in touch with Mike Xavier who used to look after marketing for Globe and pitched an idea. He was interested so we made it a big newsprint zine with only one sponsor, and ran one shoot for them, the rest was art work. Visually we were very inspired by Japanese books from the 70's and we got a couple of artists to contribute as well, a tattooist friend, Rafael De Laland and illustrator Suzi Kemp did two posters. James Ettelson of Doom Gallery London did a shoot for us in the Netherlands.

You've spent some time taking photos in Tokyo. Arethere other places in Asia you'd like to explore?

I just recently went to Shanghai on my way to New York and found it so inspiring. I wish I had more time there. I would love to explore China more and go back to Japan again.

A digital picture would always need to be retouched, therefore the image is not accurately depicting the moment. dasha nedykhalova
You've worked with brands like Billabong and Globe. What appeals to you about collaborating with street wear companies?

I do like casting and shooting young models and skaters, I guess youth goes hand in hand with streetwear brands. I also like the graphics and the history behind them.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

I've really been into jazz lately. Groups like Kokoroko and Tommy Guerrero.

What inspires your passion for photography in New Zealand?

I find inspiration in the beauty of a person, landscapes here are so breath taking too. I am doing some chemically manipulated work at the moment. It may come out quite abstract.

Are you able to get back home to Russia much? What do you like to do when you’re back there?

I haven't been in a long time. I prefer St Petersburg because people are a little bit more relaxed. Moscow is really cool in the summer though, there are so many parks. Walking through the city at night is really nice because all the architecture is so beautiful. There are loads of of parties going on as well •